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64bit windows, related components

We're about to purchase a new server for our Postgres 8.4 database. Research suggests that 64bit offers little benefit to Postgres, but we'd like to go 64bit to take advantage of possible future developments.

I understand that Postgres "runs just fine" within Windows 64bit, but research hinted that related components may have trouble:

PostgreSQL vs 64-bit windows - Magnus Hagander's PostgreSQL blog

"How about the ODBC drivers for postgresql on a windows 64 bit?"

"Need 64 bit client libraries here too! Maybe there is a 'simple' way to make the 64bit client library?"

And points in this wiki page:

64bit Windows port - PostgreSQL Wiki

"64 bit applications may require a 64 bit libpq.dll."

"We'll need 64 bit builds of these support libraries - OpenSSL, libxml2"

I'm happy to run Postgres and all related components on 32bit versions. We run NpgSQL, and rely on OpenSSL.

Could someone confirm that a vanilla installation of 32bit Postgres + related components will work fine in Windows 64bit environment? We do NOT want to have to start performing our own recompilations of any components.

Thanks in advance,
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