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Microsoft Access Email Addin and VBA Library

I've dealt with this many times and use Total Access Emailer from FMS for automating my emails: Microsoft Access Email Add-in sends messages from your Access Databases with PDF Reports, data, HTML and text
There should be a free trial version.

It runs as an add-in where you can setup the email specifications. Basically, you create an email blast using the table/query of email addresses. You then enter the message you want to send. The message can reference fields from your table/query so everyone gets a personalized message. Even better, you can attach reports as PDF files filtered by each person so they only get their data in their report.

The email blast is automatically saved and you can press a button to send it. You can also add the blast to a button with some VBA code. It can also be run from a macro. You can then schedule that macro from FMS's Total Visual Agent product Microsoft Access Scheduler to Launch Macros and Compact and Repair Databases Automatically: Total Visual Agent, or launch it from a Windows scheduler.

That said, the replies to the emails don't come back into the database.

Hope that helps.

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