-998 ???
DB2 7.2 Server and 8.2 client
locks in a database
Space Issues
Alter Table Drop Column
HELP!! How to speed up DB2 ROLLFORWARD operation ?
Moving all Tables from SMS to DMS tablespace
Das and 64 bit
DB2 Performance Expert error
How to Efficiently Insert 20K records at a time??
Checking for RI constraints on tables.
questions-Archived Logs?
Changing column size from decimal(7,4) to decimal (19,8)
execute SQL files on remote server using local dsn
Deleting all records in many tables
courses DB2
Skip records that violate constraints and continue load
Help me with import!
Delete 25M rows out of a 100M table - your suggestion please
deletes taking too long
availability of DB2look with DB2Connect ?
Altering a Table Column with data from not null to null
How does DB2 create index and enforce constraints?
-910 error.
Shared Memory Usage for 32-bit instance
Lock Manager Heap ?
Find PrimaryKey Columns...
Understanding transaction logs
how to see the Error logs for DB2
Changing the Statment Heap Size for DB2 on Z/OS
How to find the DB2'sport number?
How to find the DB2'sport number?
Applying fix pack.
udb on windows backup to a network drive
Logs not getting archived -online backup?
Application Development Client
Column Level Usage
index question
Problem in loading data from Datastage, SQLSTATE=38112
DB2_ALL with SQL5005C on windows 2003
Oracle 'Type' in DB2?
DB2 UDB 64-bit Vs 32-bit
Timestamp format
replication apply process hangs!
DB2 Backup problem into Samba filesystem
How to stop server??
Applying fixpack 11.
Success message instead of Error message
DB2 z/OS: db2look and on-line information
Encrypting data in DB2 columns
db2icrt command
create & import .001 file
Converts an argument in packed format
Upgrade DB2 instance from WSE to ESE
Size of the table ....
Need help with Stored Procedure
Ideas to speed up delete process
my select max doesn't work
Advices Required " how to save archive log files"
Reducing logging activity with NOT LOGGED INITALLY
insert/update with default timestamp
difference between optimize fetch n rows
DB2 query logs??
Error in Dynamic sql in procedure
DB2 for z/OS & UDF or Stored Procedure
Need help Naming a Dataset..........
Dynamic Field Names in Stored Procedure
creating scalar UDF which modifies data
Merge Into
DB2 slow performance with export to NFS
Getting SQLSSTATE = 42884 when creating and deploying Java UDF
DB2 Database Partition
Connection to DB2 WSE
Query Related to DB2 Database Certification
USEREXIT - waiting for logs to be archived
getting the service pack applied.
I can't insert and update in UDF
migration of DB to new server
Removing selected rows from a dataset, like select distinct but not really
question on prefetching
Problem managing BLOB data types in udf
DB2 Simple queries
get an udf called once per selected row
Delete All Rows From a table
Problem compiling Stored Procedure
Flummoxed - Tablespace autoresize
sort overflows
Convert rows to column
Duplicated keys
Converting Type 1 indexes in type 2
strange error
Export the database in csv format
UDB 8.2 page size on Solaris
Db2 Connect & CICS
DBA looking for UDB interview questions (was Hello from KY)
Table space and table size limit
Database in inconsistent state.
Weird "problem" - Task Center thinks a backup is still running from WEEKS ago!
When are DB2 logs accessed?
Query Tuning Help
Exception when retrieving accent characters from DB2 using Java
SQL0511N The FOR UPDATE clause is not allowed because the table specified by the....
Baseline security for DB2
Error Exporting
calculate number of started months
Best way to do a huge delete on a table with RI
create table with db2
Inserting Data using a Stored Procedure
Insert DB2 SQL statement for a table with a column having TIMESTAMP as datatype !!
Problem with NOCOPYPEND
Unable to start DAS
AIX DB2 DBA interview question needed.
DB2 DBA interview questions needed
(DB triggers+Java) vs UNIX scripts
Deleting huge tables with a cursor, failing on huge tables
Package cache dumped error
DB2 and SOLARIS 10 Container
Apply - "Initial" coudn't not attach to an IPC queue with keys "UNKNOWN"
DB2 primary index
how can I use EXPLAIN tables for query access plan characteristics
Export in Fixed format.
data propagator between different db2 versions
before update trigger? But need to do an insert
View - how to limit hugh values returned...
I can't connect. Help please!!!!!!
How to turn on USEREXIT? Please help...
how do get database alias from snapshot functions
"Automatic reorg evaluation has finished successfully on database DB" in db2diag.log
DB2 and Crystal Reports
Performance Tuning Question
Generation Data Groups
dbm cfg and sysadm_group
Automate DB2 Install
db2inst1 for other users
Bind problem, too much statements???
RAID 0 for Tempspace filesystem ?
Nickname on Local DB
Does declared temp table exist?
How to load this Table ?
db2: segmentation fault in SQLPrepare() function of CLI
DB2 UDB Stored Procedure
1000 rows per dbp
Concurrent IO
Joining a table with a file on a schema with no tempspace
[DB2] SQL1032N No start database manager
Create Db... Isolation Ur
Catalog tcpip node fail,who can help me
Multiple file allocation
index state after LOAD TERMINATE
writing to a flat/txt file
Rebalance database in filesystems
DB2 Connect changing drivers and physical log file
Parameter Marker with LIKE
lock table for insert with increment number
db2 8.1 fixpaks
Need for DB2 Connect with Websphere Application server
SQL Query Problem
Any Faster Way to Add Columns?
help,about clob in store procedure
Automatic Resizing
automated maintenance evavluation
***XML Extender for DB2 8.2.3****
DROP Column Or Add a NOT NULL Constraint
Table Caching in UDB 8.1 - How
error calling procedure
Cobol Subprogram sample called by batch and cics programs
Exam 705: DB2 Business Intelligence Solutions V8
NFS... performance issue.
External Scalar UDF on z/OS
replication on AS/400 and RI rules
DB2 Connect/JDBC driver issue
how can I turn off Standard OutPut when I use INSERT INTO command in my application.
Downgrading fixpaks
DB2 Varchar question
Problems with DB2 Connections?????
DB2 V5: online backup
slow connection
Enlarging DMS TS
How to get the last executed SQL command for each DB connection
Change the Date format
dbm and db cfg's
SQL1224N error
Event monitor creation date
Exception Join - Query Tuning
paramterised queries
Exam 700 - are Prime/Prometric assessments worthwhile?
Upgrding from DB2v7 to DB2v8 & parsing
DB2 machines connection problem
In need of Scalar Function example (dates and years)
All rows from 2 tables
Can't connect to the Tools Catalog Database
Administration Server communication error
Filesystems for DB2
sargable predicates
how to get the instance id for a db2 instance
How can I find the time of instalation db2 v8 in my box?
Cannot start db2cc.exe
How to bypass the DB2 cache on iSeries?
*-- Database agent STRANGE ERROR
Passing record sets to DB2 stored procs
query to get the version of db2
buffer_pool_services sqlbinit Probe:101 Database:DBTEST
Error Log in db2 how to see ?
Change DB2 language
declare in trigger
Can I reset dasusr's password in AIX ?
List of all databasenames
15 Primary Keys for a fact table
DB2: Update & Temporary Tables
Inserting text into a VARGRAPHIC/DBCLOB column
snapshot functions dont return page_size
CASE in UPDATE statement
Db2 UDB encryption best practices
Java stored procedures in DB2
JDEdwards (a.k.a PeopleSoft) and DB2
BUTIL.EXE - OS/2 Subsystem Bound Application Load Failure
Huge difference in performance, from one condition change?
Is SYSIBM a DB2 internal user?
Change a Users password
column placement
HELP with and SQLSTATE=42601
IO Parallelism
Displaying DBCS data in DB2 z/OS 7.1
Why partitioned DB?
SQLDA and SYSIBM tables under version 8?
Allow reverse scan of primary & unique key indexes
udf in DB2 v7
SMS Tablespace 8(TEMP_16K) is FULL or file is too large
db2audit usage
DB2 check pending mode
Replication fails.
Problems with CODEPAGE and DB2
db2 Performance Prolems
table Partitioning - DB2 V 81. OS390
How can I force db2 to use temporary tablespace for result table in declare cursor ?
Using The Include Statement In Z/os Cobol-db2 ??
Backup compatible for Linux DB2 and Windows
last table reference time and date
ROW_NUMBER function fails sometimes with SQL0440N
Backup Timestamp not consistent with OS time & date
Impact of insert trigger on import or load
How to fix database's inconsistency
Bulk Update Advice
What is a rule in db2(CREATE RULE blah..blah..)?
Latest Fix Pack for Db2 UDB 8.2
Restrictions from the DB2 Precompiler
Package not found.
Migration from single partition to multipartition
Urgent Help with USEREXT
DB2 V8 on OS390- Search Optimization
encrypted password in large tables? (was "Database Design")
Thousand of DIA3421W in db2diag.log file
Is it possible to run OS command from stored procedure
DBA Tools
Installation Problem
Extracting initials from Name ?sql query
Use of access module or not
problems wih DB2 licensing
Adding a new node in Control Centre.
Upgrade my db2 8.1 fixpak 4a to last release
DB2 lib and lib64
SQL Performance monitoring
Problem with Warehouse Server and Logger.
help~the transaction pluzzle me
problem in accessing the tablespace
Provider returned message: SQL7008 - not valid for operation
user temporary tablespace
Getting the Count or Rows Updated
Stored Proc Performance Improvement
Growth in index part is more than Growth in data part of table!!!! How come?
procedure creation from db2cmd
aiv extenders questions
SIGSEGV message on Java core dump while executing DB2 database intensive application
Linux DB2 into 3590 tape drive
24x7 Datawarehouse
execute a dynamic RUNSTATS in a stored procedure
Difference between package , Collection Id and qualifier
Implementing oracle Ref Cursors in DB2 UDB V8.2
How to Implement Oracle Connect By & Start With clauses in DB2 UDB V8.2
Application hang issue
Declaring a variable.
Stored Procedure output edit
Efficient way to do this...
com. ibm. db2. jcc. c. SqlException
DB2 Fixpack 7a
How to enforce DB2 to use index scan instread of table scan?
Select from multiple database tables
Creating Views with Order by clause in DB2
DB2 Viper
object-relational database information
upgrade DB2 UDB v8.1.2.169 to DB2 UDB v8.2.2
Admin tools for DB2
design object-relational DB2?
Cannot Connect to DB2.Please Contact Help Desk
Clocking when doing a Fetch
Data mapping errors
UPDATES and JOINS trouble
DB2 Version
Exported field truncated
Select top DB2
JDBC DB2 Select with Blob-Field and SCROLL_INSENSITIVE
what is data dictionary?
SQL Help!
Berkeley DB to DB2 migration
SQL0437W - help
Is it possible to bind a "default" schema to a user?
database server getting down
input a date
db2 - Identity Question
SQL1031N error help!
SQL1031N error help!
I need Help for Connect To DB2 with JDBC
db2 bug?
Restore into new database
using INSERT
select count(*) - Full table scan
New on DB2 8.2 - backup
DB2 High Performance Unload
SQL delimiter in triggers
Copying a DB2 table to another server programmatically
list of db or dbm cfg parameters that we are able to change via application?
Query help.
Update Error
Update Error
fixpax 5 patches
Redirected Restore Error
Restricting access by authID and source
DB2 Error DSNE004E - Reason Code ' 00C50103'
db2exfmt - client
error message from db2diag.log
DB2 Web service (w/ CM)
What feeds get_dbsize_info
Use of alias instead of a column name in a cursor
How to unload DB2 v7 for z/Os table to AIX
DB2 ControlCenter not starting
DB2 Sequence Object PREVVAL
advice on system platform
Updating Temporary tables
Problems with DB2 Content Manager
db2 get monitor switches
Can I connect a DB2 database with JDBC?
[IBM][CLI Driver] SQL30081N A communication error has been detected.
DB2 express php extension
UPDATE SQL (DB2) with RAND function.
Plugin for Control Center
Over head on the MQT
How can I specify the tablespace with suitable page size for my tables? please help
How to update a DB2 column with a random number?
Hex to Base64 conversion
SQL0401N : operation "=" are not compatible
From DB2 Client - More time to fetch result
Where did DB2 V8.2 start from?
UNIX V8.1 and V8.2 clients
Redirected Restore deletes containers?
db2cmd versus db2clpex.exe
Embedded SELECT in CASE Statement
Install db2 udb 8.1
How to make my servers act as standalone servers
urgent roll-forward help needed!
Export and Import from SQL
interesting concat query
Performacen issue when using UPPER
Multiple procedure call for same procedure in Multithreaded application
Restore Backup
DB2 Neophyte
Row level Security in DB2 UDB v8.1 + Linux
APP_CTL_HEAP_SZ Utilization
Multiple user access to database
Tables with autoincrement Id columns not populated when using DB2move
Stored Proc Debug
Instance failure during scheduled backup
Instance Restore
resetting dbm cfg
import problem--SQL3017N
Extract table structure from ixf file
Production Server to Test Server
db2cmd run in background
"CONNECT" failed using DB2 system:DSN running ODBC on z/OS, help !
OS/390 varchar & COBOL
Can I move Indexes to another drive?
How to lock
DB2 V8.1 Replication Error
Health Monitor Notification Issues?
4K max size limit
where is db2gcc.bat?
Running Multiplication
UDB - Export Utility Performance
client v7 to connect v8.1 mts error
db2look dumps core
64-bit upgrade
How to create table with partition range?
db2 stored proc creation bug!
optimizing load with lobs columns
Newbie has problem on Importing data
db2 functions
question on command center
Is it possible to query the data type of a column?
Recover tablespace using full online backup
View Creation Time
SQL Query Doubt
Auto starting instance at boot up time.
Auto starting instance at boot up time.
DB2/as400 Range Select!??
Performance question in DB2
Migrating to Db2
Trigger - copy before delete record
DB2 Transactional Log.
non-partitioned database with intra_parallel off...
db2 administration commands from unix side...
Stored Procedure and input arrays (formated string)
constraints and transactions
A lot of sucessfull massages in db2diag log because of online archive!!!how we can a
Need to find Sp parameters
Execute grant poblem
Need to find dependent sps
Problem With Export
Question on data placement re Raid10 array
Export file and Blob field shows Garbages
FTP spanish char
Partitioned Tablespace
Next key locking and deadlocks in a table with one row of data
What is difference between bind and rebind? when we should use rebind instead of bind
DB2 monitor issue
refresh table in a stored procedure?
Batch file for Multiple SQL, multiple output files
Fetch First in DB2 mainframe
High CPU on DB2 production servers
DB2/400 Migration to Oracle or Unix
DB backup to TSM failed
HADR in DB2 8.2 Windows
Problem in Fetch First Clause
Runstats and Reorgs history........
Altering High Water mark for DMS tablespace
Performance and Documentation
While loop in Procedure for a batch delete
Minimize Search Time
Time Format (HH:MM:SS AM/PM)
-904 resource limit was exceeded
Trigger invocation during replication
DMS containers.........
How we can calculate different between two time with HH:MM:SS format
[OT] User-Defined string Functions SQL Procedural Language DB2
Difference between DB2 LUW v7 and v8
db2 / as400 via iseries
Problem creating a new DB2 database
For Read Only With Ur
Drop Temporary Table
DB2 Query Question
diff between engine failure and instance failure
-911 on open cursor statement
SQL to mask a DB2 table column?
Debugging Stored Procedure
Sybase's sysprocesses and sysdatabases equivalent in db2
Sybase's sysprocesses and sysdatabases equivalent in db2
How to mask a DB2 column while extracting production data.
How to delete data using automatic approach
common part of strings
To fetch the last row of a cursor's result set
Problem when execute command db2level
Does db2drdat trace data stream for every user?
Data in same row
Problem with sqluvint() implementation in a vendor DLL
Pattern Match in a 'like' clause
Date arithmetic operations..
Table transformation query
how to recover a dropped database
how to list all the database names in a connection
backup pending because of load command, please help!!!!
Which fix pak is this?
DMS tablespace contaner size error
Display value from an HEX column in character format
SQL30082N Attempt to establish connection failed with security reason "19"
configure automatic maintenance
Error enocuntered while running db2setup on HP-UX
IBM sets DB2 database free
DB2 Administration Client Installation on AIX P-Series machine
error SQL0444
db2 compiler
Sun Cluster And Db2
Db2 Workgroup And Sun Cluster
Replication Approach
db2stop from Shell script
UniVerse Date Storage Question
Inheritance query in DB2
DB2 8.2 Work group edition -- High Availability Disaster Recovery
DB2 server monitor
in one box is it necessary we have db2 client and db2 server ?