Over head on the MQT
How can I specify the tablespace with suitable page size for my tables? please help
How to update a DB2 column with a random number?
Hex to Base64 conversion
SQL0401N : operation "=" are not compatible
From DB2 Client - More time to fetch result
Where did DB2 V8.2 start from?
UNIX V8.1 and V8.2 clients
Redirected Restore deletes containers?
db2cmd versus db2clpex.exe
Embedded SELECT in CASE Statement
Install db2 udb 8.1
How to make my servers act as standalone servers
urgent roll-forward help needed!
Export and Import from SQL
interesting concat query
Performacen issue when using UPPER
Multiple procedure call for same procedure in Multithreaded application
Restore Backup
DB2 Neophyte
Row level Security in DB2 UDB v8.1 + Linux
APP_CTL_HEAP_SZ Utilization
Multiple user access to database
Tables with autoincrement Id columns not populated when using DB2move
Stored Proc Debug
Instance failure during scheduled backup
Instance Restore
resetting dbm cfg
import problem--SQL3017N
Extract table structure from ixf file
Production Server to Test Server
db2cmd run in background
"CONNECT" failed using DB2 system:DSN running ODBC on z/OS, help !
OS/390 varchar & COBOL
Can I move Indexes to another drive?
How to lock
DB2 V8.1 Replication Error
Health Monitor Notification Issues?
4K max size limit
where is db2gcc.bat?
Running Multiplication
UDB - Export Utility Performance
client v7 to connect v8.1 mts error
db2look dumps core
64-bit upgrade
How to create table with partition range?
db2 stored proc creation bug!
optimizing load with lobs columns
Newbie has problem on Importing data
db2 functions
question on command center
Is it possible to query the data type of a column?
Recover tablespace using full online backup
View Creation Time
SQL Query Doubt
Auto starting instance at boot up time.
Auto starting instance at boot up time.
DB2/as400 Range Select!??
Performance question in DB2
Migrating to Db2
Trigger - copy before delete record
DB2 Transactional Log.
non-partitioned database with intra_parallel off...
db2 administration commands from unix side...
Stored Procedure and input arrays (formated string)
constraints and transactions
A lot of sucessfull massages in db2diag log because of online archive!!!how we can a
Need to find Sp parameters
Execute grant poblem
Need to find dependent sps
Problem With Export
Question on data placement re Raid10 array
Export file and Blob field shows Garbages
FTP spanish char
Partitioned Tablespace
Next key locking and deadlocks in a table with one row of data
What is difference between bind and rebind? when we should use rebind instead of bind
DB2 monitor issue
refresh table in a stored procedure?
Batch file for Multiple SQL, multiple output files
Fetch First in DB2 mainframe
High CPU on DB2 production servers
DB2/400 Migration to Oracle or Unix
DB backup to TSM failed
HADR in DB2 8.2 Windows
Problem in Fetch First Clause
Runstats and Reorgs history........
Altering High Water mark for DMS tablespace
Performance and Documentation
While loop in Procedure for a batch delete
Minimize Search Time
Time Format (HH:MM:SS AM/PM)
-904 resource limit was exceeded
Trigger invocation during replication
DMS containers.........
How we can calculate different between two time with HH:MM:SS format
[OT] User-Defined string Functions SQL Procedural Language DB2
Difference between DB2 LUW v7 and v8
db2 / as400 via iseries
Problem creating a new DB2 database
For Read Only With Ur
Drop Temporary Table
DB2 Query Question
diff between engine failure and instance failure
-911 on open cursor statement
SQL to mask a DB2 table column?
Debugging Stored Procedure
Sybase's sysprocesses and sysdatabases equivalent in db2
Sybase's sysprocesses and sysdatabases equivalent in db2
How to mask a DB2 column while extracting production data.
How to delete data using automatic approach
common part of strings
To fetch the last row of a cursor's result set
Problem when execute command db2level
Does db2drdat trace data stream for every user?
Data in same row
Problem with sqluvint() implementation in a vendor DLL
Pattern Match in a 'like' clause
Date arithmetic operations..
Table transformation query
how to recover a dropped database
how to list all the database names in a connection
backup pending because of load command, please help!!!!
Which fix pak is this?
DMS tablespace contaner size error
Display value from an HEX column in character format
SQL30082N Attempt to establish connection failed with security reason "19"
configure automatic maintenance
Error enocuntered while running db2setup on HP-UX
IBM sets DB2 database free
DB2 Administration Client Installation on AIX P-Series machine
error SQL0444
db2 compiler
Sun Cluster And Db2
Db2 Workgroup And Sun Cluster
Replication Approach
db2stop from Shell script
UniVerse Date Storage Question
Inheritance query in DB2
DB2 8.2 Work group edition -- High Availability Disaster Recovery
DB2 server monitor
in one box is it necessary we have db2 client and db2 server ?
in one box, do we need to have client and serever instances?
Script Batch to make a select command
Any good DB2 Interfaces
DB2 Performance Issues / tablespace /OR <-> IN, BETWEEN
Informix to UDB ---- URGENT
Any experience with Design Advisor or db2advis ?
poor performing stored procedure
poor performing stored procedure
Can not initialize a full refresh (SQL replication) on the apply side
DB2 profile registry variables.....
UML and DB2
In DB2, Is it possible for us to drop a column from a populated table?
Health Monitor error logged in db2diag.log
db2ckbkp on multi partition
updating the sql server database table from the cics transaction.
Diffrences/ Advances between db2 version 7.0 and 8.0
which filesystem?
TimeStamp and DB2 version problem
Can db2 will run afer degrading it from dual processor to a single processor
SQL Assistance Needed
SQL Assistance Needed
connect to DB2 using CLI without ODBC
static and dynamic sql.......help
How to avoid contention on the database server
cursor help needed
'DB2 for iseries', 'DB2 for zseries' and 'DB2 for LUW'
Procedure fails when i missed the schema name in its call
recompute statistics in db2 via JDBC
strang warning on export
Minimum permission needed for db2cmd
Please help
Invalid cursor exception
System catalog tables.....sms or dms
How to determine the NUM_IOSERVERS
DB2 dynamic Diagnostics qry
Update Statment with complex Where clause
DB2 OS/390 Dynamic SQL in COBOL
Client Side Cursor with IBM DB OLE and ADO
Racf Db2
how to write data from stored procedure to a file
Adding an Index to a TS with Size 490 GB
Is there a "CONTAINS" in SQL?
Trying to access CICS transaction from DB2 Stored procedure.
Any issue with granting bind access to GROUP
Encryption Support Built into DB2 on MVS
How to uninstall DB2 V7 from Windows XP
UNION issue
DB2 ESE: mixed systems possible?
How can employer verify DB2 certification?
Errorlevel in DOS Batch
Nested Stored Procs
PASSWORD EXPIRED!!problem connecting from client.
Moderators needed for new DB2 forum
To move or not to move
New Table Design
Transaction Log Full
Complex query left join
dynsql output...
Connecting to another UDB database
Question about running a db2 script...
Db2 Stored Procedure
snapshot at db2 connect
db2inst1 find
Table scan/Index scan
Rollback Closes a cursor?
Update trouble with federated.
simple loop to populate table with numbers
Remove Punctuations
JDBC & Net Search Extender Index Creation
Signal and Resignal
on delete restrict
trigger body with a procedure call..
Connection to a DB2 database takes over 10 minutes
Transaction log is full
Find DB2 plan of my program (MVS COBOL ) with in this program while running
non os user account on DB2
UDB replication
string function - concat
DB2 Server move
Example needed
"MOVE rows procedure" (insert + delete)
database size
Table Locking Not Working
db2 client on windows for developing stored procedure
how to insert a Result set returned from a procedure..?
DB2 Control Center
Performance issue with linked table
ADM0500E error on Windows Server 2003
Import issue
Date Difference
Metric DB2
trigger help needed - connection problem?
db2 web query tool - install questions.
db2 set integrity performance issue
DB2 Join question from a beginner.....
sample stored procedure??
DB2 JDBC connection issue
Load global temporary table from file
Getting data from several rows onto one
How to write batch file on Windows to silenty UNinstall db2 run-time client?
DB2connect SQL1226N error
Procedure to replace Single Character in a String
Sample Java Table UDF???
How to retrieve information about the database objects
Help in Storing files in the database
DB2 crash: Agent not allocated, sqlcode -6043
Has any one a way to simulate an indoubt situation?
how to create DSN for DB2
JDBC Connectivity to DB2 using Schema name
scalar functions like SUBSTR for multi-byte character sets
2601: SQL1039C error
DB2 Connect Field Description from ASA/400
'|' symbol in a column rejected while loading
MQT deadlock problem
Migration from oracle to db2?
capturing sql execution times within stored procedures
Size of table when BLOB colums exist
connection timeout
DB2 AS400 privileges
Creation and usage of user defined data types
TSM Restore across Linux Servers
left outer join
Java UDF running infinite times
User Accounts and Groups
Does DB2 stored procedure support CURSOR type?
Not Exists Predicates
'list application':how to know which application is under name 'java'?
Taking a Backup
Reset DBM Monitor Switch
so much I/O (writes) in temporary tablespace
call dsntep2
Runaway Task in Task Center
Cpu utilization
Max Value Reached for Integer Column
User Account
Datawarehouse Center
HELP: Restore hanging
Sample tests for DBA certification
SQL0805N Package "NULLID.SQLLD005" was not found
UDB/DB2 LUW Developer DBA available in North East USA
TO_DATE Function
Key value in trigger
os/400 v4.3 and connect v8.2
Calculate Shared Memory Usage
Query modified datetime of tables and columns
SQL30081N with error code 10054
Error when executing statement in DB2 Stored Procedure
DB2DBA with 3+ years of experience
Database Name
DB2 Query help
running sql files on solaris
Is there any db2 date function to convert from integer to date?
Char vs varchar data type
DB2 UDB UNIX authentication problem
string function
next key locking cause timeout & deadlock ?
one big bufferpool or multiy small bufferpool which one is better for perfformance
Identity Column
Load Issue
how to configure ODBC for v5r3m0?
Packed decimal UPD?
DB2 UDB for LUW - sysproc.env_get_sys_info() not running.
monitor switches
How to access Oracle Table from DB2
Index Organized Table in DB2 ?
Excel & .csv
Programmatic access to data dictionary?
Online or offline backup?
DB2 application ID: Conver hex IP address to decimal address
Inline prompt in DB2 SQL?
Limiting size of transaction logs when incremental backups are enabled - Help please
DB2 Requirement
Type 1 to Type 2 index conversion options
Functions to manipulate BLOB
isolation level and optimistic locking
-805 in Db2
select for update
referencing value in where clause
Log files
change the TS's retaining the data
How to avoid this deadlock?
DB2 Connect
Error While Dropping the table
Concatenation of Null Values
What is the difference between static vs dynamic in SQLJ
anyone knows how to change the shared memory segment size
Tablespace containers
8.2: TSM & Archive Log
Installation of db2UDB81 takes forever
Problem inserting rows from Java
Help with "DB2 log is full"
Keeping users out for a backup
userexit setup problem
the Unofficial DB2 Internals
Error Message: Too Few Parameters. Expected 1.
some questions about dbm and db cfg
how can i monitor system temporary tablespace
Sample code to use Backup compression plug-in interface
problem about privilege, hurry!
Pitfalls to avoid for use of Triggers in V7
db2nodes.cfg in Non Partitioned Environment
Stored Procedure returning Empty Result Set
Mainframe LOGS to DB2 UDB
DB2MOVE problem
DB2 Node Discovery in AD DOMAIN??
Migration Advise V7 to V8.1 or V8.2 ?
sqlj.install_jar succeeds but throws an error
Placement of tables in Table Space
problem with db2 8.1 on fedora?
Mainframer Starting With UDB; General Advice
Urgent Help Required
setFetchSize() method
is there a latch in bufferpool
what's the HWM(high water mark) for
Number of processor used by DB2
The list columns in SYSCAT.COLUMNS is sometime in the wrong order.
Disaster recovery...
3rd party compression utility for use with backup
DB2 connect
DB2 java application error
Number of Day between 2 dates ?
Copy Oracle BLOB's to DB2
Check table exists when creating procedure
Move Table to another Table Space
DB2 personal edition Migration to iseries version
current SQLID
DATE: Add Day ??
HOW to create function index
How to know the Load status of a table !!
[OT] User-Defined string Functions SQL Procedural Language DB2
Db2 Installation Redhat Es4
explain help.....
Best method of reading a single record into a vb app
db2setup V8.1 Fedora Core 4 Hangs
DSNDB07 sort space extents
Help newbie error vb6 connect to db2 8.2 Express
Non existing table showing in syscat.tables
Sql1096n This Command Not Valid For Node Type
Exception handling stored procedure for negative SQLCODE -803 SQLSTATE 23505
creating own ResultSet
LOCK Escalation --Dead Locks--URGENT
cli trace
DB2 - transaction log is full error
substr syntax problem
using runstats in db2batch
DB2 7.1 upgrade..
SQL2540W Restore is successful, however a warning "2523" was encountered
table backup vs. blob
Delete Database
Bind in DB2 UDB
Cursors,Triggers in DB2
How to set Windows Administrators group to db2 SYSADM_GROUP?
SQL2523W and SQL2001N errors --Restoring database from a backup
"FOR UPDATE" added to queries
Updating mulitple tables
Revoke authority on creating aliases
SQL30082N security reason 24
SQL30082N - Security Reason 15
958 seconds to CLOSE a CURSOR
Db2 Dba Exam
udb redirect restore
Group access issue
choosing a collating sequence at query time
What is purpose of default DB user group "PUBLIC"? Can I delete this group?
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.app.DB2Driver
Trigger - string to datetime conversion
Help needed : DB2 Error Handling in triggers
Put Routine Fails
cics tran name for particulare plan
job schedulers......in the market
General DB2 8.2 backup questions
DB2 Connect Error
SQL not getting killed
Deadlocks and view
check for numeric in db2 sql
SQL0805N on database creation
[DB2 Mvs] describe alternative
Restore Database Issue - Urgent
Calling SP/UDF from Trigger
WebSphere Portal Server connect to DB2???
ODBC connection with MS Access
UOW Code
American date format only?
Tablespace full because of .TDA files growing so fast.
Stored Procedure Slow...
need help on db2Load API
ResultSet updateXXX Methods
Pb : Very Long time for CLOSING a cursor
Diaglog (times)
Problem : Long Time for closing a cursor
DB2 Load - Dates and nulls
DB2, schemas and indexes
Compiling Stored Procedures on Solaris using gcc
DB2Move - Incomplete
Multi_table join
Inserting image (BLOB) into DB2
Need to delete first n rows
Db2 Update command
db2text index error!
How to get schema level backup?
Impact of Running EventMonitors
update db cfg command help
Backup Delays
select .... for update locking
Runstat question
Question re: ReOrg
understanding explain tables
DB2 8.1.6 bulk load error...
stored procedure problem -301 sqlcode different results in defferent environments
How to update PK and FK values if foreign key is defined as ON UPADTE NO ACTION?
ASP ADO Connection
rollforward backward recovery
Help on a lock-wait issue
Peoplesoft Unicode sql0332N
join question
Char Vs Varchar
JOIN question:
insert question
Information Integrator tasks problem with Mcafee Virus scan
db2 returs: CLI0112E Error in assignment.
sum(+) sql
error on renaming table. db21017e -2097151987.
Design Advisor
BLOB, CLOB, DBCLOB, what to use ?
ps -ef - doubt
Unable to ALTER or DROP Tablespace Container
To find the no. of rows affected by a select statement
Best practices to follow....
Free Db2
SQLCOD -501 The identified cursor is not open
tablespace offline due to missing container
rownum equivalent in db2
CLOB Data Extract
Unix timestamp to DB2 date and time conversion
Help on Stored Procedures
Database memory usage
storing documents in a table
Tablespace conversion
Mulitple Data Warehouses on a Single AIX box