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Run SQL Query on Informix database from Unix-Shell


I've an Client System ( HP-Unix ) and I've Informix Client Software installed on that.
The Informix Client is successfully setup with Informix Database Server.

I'm looking for a way to run an SQL Query on the Database server from the Client system.

Actually I want it in Unix Shell Script or something like that .... that make me able to run it from somewhere else ...

How it is possible ?


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You can
- write a esql/c program... but i never do that...
- Use a dbaccess (in a shell program)
some examples:
echo "select * from table_X" | dbaccess myDB ;
dbaccess myDB Myselect.sql ;
dbaccess myDB <<EOF
select * from table_X

Read the dbaccess manual...
César Inacio Martins
Jundiai / SP - Brasil
http://www.imartins.com.br/informix - em Português
http://www.imartins.com.br/informix - English (translated by Google).
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I wrote from korn shell the following:

echo "database mydb; select * from mytable" | isql -qr -
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What is the syntax for passing parameters from a command line dbaccess
command running a sql file -- dbaccess (database name) file.sql (parameter
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Running queries on Unix databases in Unix

Now retired, I spent 25 years developing and administering Informix databases on various Unix platforms. My favoured approach was to use Informix/4GL to write a program, then compile it.
The general format of a Unix command was

fglgo <programname>.4gi <list of arguments> | <another process>
fglgo <programname>.4gi <list of arguments> >> <output file or screen>

This gives you the chance to check stuff and display an error message. You could write a general purpose SQL query handler and provide the actual query as a string argument.
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Hi, I often use a shellscript that passes a query as a parameter on the commandline. The shellscript is:


while getopts ":e" OPTION; do
    case $OPTION in
    e)  OUT="/dev/$(ps -p $PPID | awk 'NR==2{print $2}')";;
    *)  echo "$(basename $0): invalid option ${1}"
        echo "Use \`$(basename $0)' -e for showing error output"
        exit 1

shift $((OPTIND -1))

if [ $# -ne 1 ]; then
    echo "$(basename $0): invalid number of arguments"
    echo "Usage: $(basename $0) [-e] \"SQLSTATEMENT\""
    exit 1
dbaccess databasename <<SQL
} 2>"$OUT"
As you can see it's written for a (Suse) Linux system and possibly some shell commands in it are different from the HP-UX equivalents, but I'm not familiar with the latter.
Anyway for this you need to have dbaccess installed on the client which I believe is when Ifx client software is installed. In the script you must replace the databasename with the actual databasename@hostname and you can use it on the commandline like:
db -e "SELECT colname FROM tablename WHERE code = 'ABCD'"
with error output to the terminal and like:
db "SELECT colname FROM tablename WHERE code = \"ABCD\""
without error output and with escaped double quotes within the SQL string.

Maybe it's useful, I imitated it from the DB2 commandline utility with the same name. Regards,

BTW. Within the SQL string you can use regular shell variables as parameters when invoking from another script or in a for-loop on the command line like:
db "SELECT colname FROM ${1} WHERE code = '${2}'"

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