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a "workflow" form and table, issue with openrecordset

This is my first post .. so please be gentle.. I have a fairly simply "workflow" type of form .. basically to ask the user a question, and based on the answer, it would display the next assigned record or "step" .. answers could be yes / no / ok / or mult choice .. i had copied most of the code from a previous co-workers db, which worked fine .. it was built in access 2000, now i'm using 2003, there was a a few things i had to change .. anyway, no matter which option i choose (yes/no/etc), it gives error 3021, no current record, and stops at the .MoveFirst line .. here is the code, wasn't sure how much to include, so this is all:

Option Compare Database
Const HandleErrors As Boolean = True

Private Sub Close_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_Close_Click


Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Exit_Close_Click

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
NextStep 1

End Sub

Private Sub No_Click()
NextStep CInt(NoStep)

End Sub

Private Sub Ok_Click()
NextStep CInt(OkStep)

End Sub

Private Sub Response_Values_AfterUpdate()

If Left(Me.[Response Values], 1) = "1" Then
NextStep CInt(Response1Step)
ElseIf Left(Me.[Response Values], 1) = "2" Then
NextStep CInt(Response2Step)
ElseIf Left(Me.[Response Values], 1) = "3" Then
NextStep CInt(Response3Step)
ElseIf Left(Me.[Response Values], 1) = "4" Then
NextStep CInt(Response4Step)
End If

End Sub

Private Sub Start_over_Click()
NextStep 1

End Sub

Private Sub Yes_Click()
NextStep CInt(YesStep)

End Sub

Sub NextStep(NewStep As Integer)
[Current Step].SetFocus
Dim rsCouncilWorkflow As Object
Set rsCouncilWorkflow = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("SELECT * FROM [Council Workflow] WHERE [Current Step] = " & NewStep & ";")
[Current Step] = rsCouncilWorkflow![Current Step]
[Question] = rsCouncilWorkflow![Question]
[Yes].Visible = False
[No].Visible = False
[Ok].Visible = False
[Response Values].Visible = False

YesStep = Null
NoStep = Null
OkStep = Null
Response1Step = Null
Response2Step = Null
Response3Step = Null
Response4Step = Null

If IsNull(rsCouncilWorkflow![Yes]) = False Then [Yes].Visible = True: YesStep = rsCouncilWorkflow![Yes]
If IsNull(rsCouncilWorkflow![No]) = False Then [No].Visible = True: NoStep = rsCouncilWorkflow![No]
If IsNull(rsCouncilWorkflow![Ok]) = False Then [Ok].Visible = True: OkStep = rsCouncilWorkflow![Ok]
If IsNull(rsCouncilWorkflow![Response Values]) = False Then
[Response Values].Visible = True
[Response Values].RowSource = rsCouncilWorkflow![Response Values]
Response1Step = rsCouncilWorkflow![Response 1]
Response2Step = rsCouncilWorkflow![Response 2]
Response3Step = rsCouncilWorkflow![Response 3]
Response4Step = rsCouncilWorkflow![Response 4]
End If


End Sub

**added info .. the first couple rows of the table to help make sense .. in the attachment
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Last edited by snoodledorf; 12-13-12 at 00:28. Reason: additional info at the bottom
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got it figured out, missing controls on the form, embarassing
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movefirst, openrecordset, select statement, workflow

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