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Excel, ADO, Cache

Hi, I've been looking to learn a solution I've seen before I hope you can help me.

Goal to acheive:
On a spreadsheet, I have serialized links to table objects (two dimension array), ie only links not the actual data.
These objects are tables that contains data that either come from a database query or have been created on the spreadsheet by a range command and now exist in a cache database.

To visualize the problem in order to understand what I am looking to do: in cell A1 there is a reference eg {0033222dd3} this reference is a object to an ADO table that have dates i one column and data in the other. This data is fed from a database. In a ideal world I can click on the reference and it pops up a table viewer to inspect the data.

In another cell, lets say b2, I have another object reference {07773222dd3} this was created by a User defined function by creating a table eg I wrote =create_Range(c4:e6), this reference is also an ADO object that exist in a cache database or have been uploaded to the database as a table called {07773222dd3}

I now want to write a function, eg range_append {07773222dd3}, {0033222dd3} to concatenate these two tables and create a new object, lets say is called {088822dd3}.

So, now on my spread sheet I have a couple of object references to ADO tables, either from a database or exist temporarly in a cache database.

So, I don't want to download the data in tables on a spreadsheet (i am not interested to look at it and it takes too much space), I just want to link to them in order to write function to manipulate the data within the tables. Ideally I have only links to object on my spreadsheet, and I could eg do like this objvlookup(name, {088822dd3}, 2, false)
or MMULT {088822dd3}, {0033222dd3}
I really don't want to use excel as database in any form or link to another excel sheet. I am not interested to expand SSIS cubes and pivot tables etc. I am looking to work with Sybase, Oracle, SQL and only use Excel as front end.

My question is:

How do I create this solution, which components do I need, are there good reference material available for self study.

All tips are welcome or links to existing projects.

I believe following key words are relevant

SSIS, Cubes, ADO MD (but it is a bit overkill as I only need two dimensions)

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