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Return only part of the data in a column

I have a table with 2 columns ItemID and ReturnDesc. A sample of the data is:
ItemId ReturnDesc
1244 Did not want
1244 Wrong color
3426 Return came with ticket 426
3571 Ticket 584 was not included

The only information I want to have returned is the number following the text 'ticket'. How do I do this?
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Proper design of the table is te smart aleck response.
Failing that you may be able to extract what you want using string functions in SOL.
You can aksodo this in whatever is consuming the data, IE the front end
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An NZDF solution would be:
DROP FUNCTION dbo.KludgeNormalization
CREATE FUNCTION dbo.KludgeNormalization(
   @garbage      NVARCHAR(50)
   DECLARE @i INT, @j INT, @k INT
   SET @i = 7 + PatIndex(N'%Ticket [0-9]%', @garbage)
   SET @j = PatIndex(N'%[^0-9]%', SubString(@garbage, @i, 50))
   IF @i < 8 OR 0 = @j SET @k = 0 ELSE SET @k = Cast(SubString(@garbage, @i, @j) AS INT)
   RETURN Cast(@k AS INT)

   ItemId		INT
,  ReturnDesc   NVARCHAR(50)

   ItemId, ReturnDesc ) VALUES
   (1244, 'Did not want')
,  (1244, 'Wrong color')
,  (3426, 'Return came with ticket 426 ')
,  (3571, 'Ticket 584 was not included')

SELECT *, dbo.KludgeNormalization(ReturnDesc)
   FROM #a
   WHERE  ReturnDesc LIKE '%Ticket%[0-9]%'

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Thanks for the help and yes it would have been great if the table would have been designed differently!
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