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help with query for 1-1 and 1 to many table

Hi Everyone,

This question follows on from the resolution of an early question in:

my query is only returning single values

Speical thanks to R937 and healdem

My question now relates to how to correctly draft a query from a table that has two types of relationships: 1-1 relationship , 1 to many.

It will be easier if i explain the table design.

It's a members database containing over 60 individual tables relating to it's members profiles; i.e languagage skills, education etc;

so a member might have numrous language skills (1 to many), visited numrous countries (1 to many) but now lives in 1 country ( 1-1).

There are 3 types of tables ;

  1. User- the member's table i.e containing the user_id of members.

  2. Data Tables- table containing data lists i.e list of countries, list of qualifications etc
  3. Link Table - this is the link between the users and data tables. i.e the id of the user linked to the Id of the datatable entry.

I now want to build an SQL query to search the database. Below is a part sample of my query:

PHP Code:
wag.age_id)as ageid
wc.job_id)as jobid
            users u            
                LEFT OUTER JOIN  members_timetable mt
                    ON u
.user_id mt.user_id             
            LEFT OUTER JOIN  workers_languagelist wl
                    ON u
.user_id wl.user_id              
            LEFT OUTER JOIN  workers_medium_languagelist wml
                    ON u
.user_id wml.user_id                
            LEFT OUTER JOIN workers_agegroup wag
                    ON u
.user_id wag.user_id          
            LEFT OUTER JOIN  worker_category wc
                    ON u
.user_id wc.user_id 
the problem with the way i have structured the query is that it is leading to duplicate results.

for example , if user_id 1 speak 6 languauges, has 9 diffrent skills sets, and have visited 20 countries then the result will produce

20 x 6 instances of the languauge Id plus
9 x 6 instnace of the langauge id etc

this leads to thousand of results which slows my query down to a snails pace.

i am unclear where i have gone wrong.

i tried using GROUP_CONCAT along with GROUP BY but this also produced false results.
PHP Code:

GROUP_CONCATwag.age_id)as ageid
GROUP_CONCATwc.job_id)as jobid
                          users u            
 LEFT OUTER JOIN  members_timetable mt
                    ON u
.user_id mt.user_id   ......          

                BY  u
.user_id,  wl.language_idwml.language_id,  wc.job_id 
Below is a sample of the database tables. they are all pretty much like this. i.e a table listing the qualifications-along with its Id and then a link table linking the user to the list.

i would really appriciate any advice assitance on how to proceed

PHP Code:

membership_type CHAR(3NOT NULL

PRIMARY KEY (user_id)


CREATE TABLE countrylist

country    VARCHAR(60NOT NULL,
INDEX country_id country_id,  country  ), 
INDEX countrylist (countrycountry_id ), 
UNIQUE KEY (country)

CREATE TABLE countrylocation(
country_id   VARCHAR(60NOT NULL,
INDEX country_id (country_iduser_id ), 
INDEX user_id (user_idcountry_id  )

The values in teh countrylist 

('African' ),
' Albanian' ),
'Saudia Arabia ' ),
' Armenia' ),
' Australia' ),
' Austria' ), 
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for each 1-to-many relationship, do the GROUP_CONCAT in a subquery in the FROM clause

example --
SELECT u.user_id
     , u.first_name
     , wl.fluentlanguages
     , wml.mediumlanguages
     , ...
  FROM users AS u
  JOIN ( SELECT userid
              , GROUP_CONCAT(language_id) AS fluentlanguages
           FROM workers_languagelist
             BY userid ) AS wl
    ON wl.userid = u.userid
  JOIN ( SELECT userid
              , GROUP_CONCAT(language_id) AS mediumlanguages
           FROM workers_medium_languagelist 
             BY userid ) AS wml
    ON wml.userid = u.userid
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