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kenb 08-19-13 16:48

Pervasive 11 - Error Code 11
Have the following:

Server 2008R2 64 bit with Pervasive v11 server (SP3) 32 bit installed

Workstations: Windows 7 64 bit with Pervasive client 32 bit installed

Hosts file entry on the workstation pointing to the server (workstation is NOT a domain member). Can ping server both with name and IP.

Running License Admin on the workstation, prompted for user/pw to log in...enter the server admin's info, and can see the license information.

Server is static IP, workstation is dynamic

When I attempt to run our application I get an Error Code 11 - specified filename is invalid. On both the server and the workstation the microkernel router has 'Embedded Spaces' unchecked, and the registry entry corresponds to this. The only protocol enabled is TCP/IP in the microkernel router.
When I create a new database on the server, I can see this on the workstation, but still get the error 11...

Anyone have any clue at all??

mirtheil 08-19-13 23:49

If you use Function Executor to open the file, do you still get the status 11?
How does the application try to open the file (Btrieve, ODBC, etc)? Does it use a mapped drive? Is the drive mapped using server name or IP address? You mention there is a Hosts file entry. Could the IP address for the server be wrong?

kenb 08-20-13 09:21

Error 11
I had never attempted to open one of our data files like this, but I just did, and I think it opened fine...no errors. We use Btrieve and a mapped drive to the server name (which is the reason I used a Hosts file entry on the client station). The server is a domain controller, and therefore must have a static IP.
From the client station, I can ping both the server name and the server IP and get correct responses.

mirtheil 08-20-13 11:01

Function Executor will display a screen with a hex buffer display if the file opened correctly and will display an error if it can't open. If Function Executor opened the file the same way the application does, then the problem may be in the application and may not actually be a status 11.
What happens if you remove the HOSTS entry? Does the IP address of the server change when pinging from the client? Does this status 11 happen at all clients or only specific ones?
Does your application use Btrieve or the SQL layer? You mentioned PCC failing with a status 11. Does it fail for all tables? What about the system tables (X$FILE, X$FIELD, X$INDEX)?

kenb 08-20-13 12:11

Error 11
The function executor opens the file correctly from the workstation. I have limited expertise with this...normally, I ensure proper setup and configuration (which I have done here), so not sure about how to open the system files.
Every client gets the Error 11....although, one client, when first starting the application gets a 3012....and after the app shuts down, restarting it gets the error 11.
Removing the hosts file entry on the workstation made no change at all.
When I manually create a database on the server, pointing to our data files, I can see the database on the workstation, I can see all the tables, and open all the tables within the pervasive control center. I just cannot run the app...
I have no idea why this might matter, but, when I set up the domain controller, I set it to a Windows Server 2008R2 functional level (something I don't normally do as I have installed many servers). I demoted it, and am re-promoting it with a functional level of Server 2003....

mirtheil 08-20-13 13:20

Is this a single server or is it a cluster?

If you use the Pervasive Control Center from the client, you should be able to open the database on the server. Once opened, you should see a list of user tables and then a node called "system tables". This System tables include X$FILE, X$FIELD, X$INDEX, and others. DOuble clicking them within the PCC or executing a "Select * from x$file" within the database should open them.

How does the application specify the file name for the Open call?

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