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Need PHP script for this

Friends,can i have some help?
i need 2 php scripts:
1. one that disables right click
2. second that when open the source it shows NOTHING or something that i want
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Pls. someone share for this question...its really need for me
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You cannot disable right click in classic, web based PHP. you may be able to do that in command line/batch PHP though

what you might be able to do is use Javascript to inhibit the right click methods used buy the browser, however Im not really up to speed on Javascript so I don't know if that will meet your requirements

econd that when open the source it shows NOTHING or something that i want
sorry I haven't got a clue what you are trying to do, or what you are struggling with here.
within PHP you can test for the existence of resources and take appropriate action. I think that test only wokrs on local resources (IE you can test if an image in on the same physcial server, but you cannot test if a remote resources is present, that may well have changed with subsequent releases of PHP)

hgowever I suspect you coudl test if resources are found using javascript.
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He wants to prevent a user from viewing his php code by clicking on "view source" in the browser.
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Ok i agree with your answer..i ll change that
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i understand what he is saying... he wants to wrote some lines like anything...


and he wants nobody can right click on his page...

this happen using adding javascript code google it javascript right click disable

and another one is that

when a person view his source the page only display some header tags and hide the content in the source so nobody copy the content of his page...
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PHP is a server side language. Right-click events are on the client side.

Therefore PHP cannot be used to disable the right-click.

Furthermore; when a user views the source of the page: no PHP code is shown, only the resultant HTML that is produced and sent to the browser.

Why do you want to perform these actions anyway?
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