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    Exclamation Unanswered: Linking boxes in form problems???

    ok, im super frustrated...

    i have a table with an agency name, its address, and its phone number...all in different columns.

    i need to know how to select the agency in a combo box on a form, and then make the form automatically fill in an address and phone text box on that same form!

    ive tryed everything, please help...thank you so much


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    Don't get to frustrated...

    I'm assuming you already have all the agency names listed in your ComboBox. Try this method in the On Click event code window for your ComboBox:

    Me.Filter = "[AgencyFieldNameInTable] = '" & Me.myFormComboBoxName & "'"
    Me.FilterOn = True
    Before you use this, make sure your ComboBox is putting out the expected string data when the the agency is selected. For example, do something like:

    MsgBox Me.myFormComboBoxName: Stop

    Place the MsgBox function line above as the first line in the On Click event. You can remove it later.

    Are you getting the agency name?....Great...Delete the MSgBox function and your in action.

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