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    Microsoft Access alike Web-based database engine

    Hi there,

    I'm looking at product which can provide functionality like what MS Access can provide but providing web interface.

    There are some open source initiatives like HypatiaDB, DBCC, etc. but I have yet found any which is in the production release, neither open source nor commercial products.

    Anyone has the relevant experience on this?
    Appreciate if you can share with me.


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    Not stating that it can be compared with access as such, but could be interesting to check out the combination of Zope and Python, both open source, providing object orientation to some degree (heritage) and pure web interface. Not sure which examples on commercial solution would be with relevant/appropriate. Quite powerful/flexible development environment.

    Win-XP pro, Access 2002, ADO 2.7, DAO 3.6. English versions of apps/OS.

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