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    Unanswered: Restore database from backup file - error code : SQL2040N

    I am trying to restore a database using option 'Database -> create -> database from backup' option of Control Center. after filling in the fields for database name, backup device, backup file date & time, i am not able to successfully restore the database. the message displayed is 'SQL2040N - database alias paramater <dbalias> not valid'. I gave the same alias name as that of the database of which the backup was taken.

    SQL2040N - says database alias parameter not valid
    DB2 version - 4.0

    where am i going wrong ?

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    Hi Prashant,

    Given below is the explanation of the error.

    C:\>db2 ? SQL2040N

    SQL2040N The database alias parameter "<dbalias>" is not valid
    or not specified.


    The application calling the Backup or Restore utility has
    supplied a database alias parameter that is not valid. The alias
    must be 1 to 8 bytes and the characters must be chosen from the
    database manager base character set.

    User Response:

    Reissue the Backup or Restore command with a valid database

    Try giving a dbalias name which is in between 1-8 characters and I think that should solve your problem


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    What a useless reply...

    The guy has this error in his face.. We know what the generic HELP says since it comes with the SQL2040N error message we are getting.

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