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    Unanswered: Merge Replicaiton with SqlCe

    Problem encountered:

    Error Code: -2147467259
    Message: A call to SQL Server Reconciler failed. [,,,,,]
    Minor Err. 29006
    Source: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition

    Any idea what could be the possible problem?
    I have been trying to search thru the internet for a resolution but most of the guides are very brief about the configuration of the merge replication in mssql2000 server.
    This link above its recommended by Microsoft, but still doesn't really helps.

    Does anybody have a step-by-step guide on configuring the merge replication in mssql? With diagrams preferred.


    Is there anything wrong with these codes:

    oRpl.Publisher = "HANBIN"; // HANBIN is my database server name
    oRpl.PublisherLogin = "LHP";
    oRpl.PublisherPassword = "<password>";

    oRpl.InternetUrl = "http://hanbin/ssce/sscesa20.dll";
    oRpl.InternetLogin = "IUSR_HANBIN";
    oRpl.InternetPassword = ""; // do i need to put sth here?

    oRpl.Subscriber = "CESubscriberTest"; // Any names will do?
    oRpl.Publication = "testdbpub";
    oRpl.PublisherDatabase = "testdb";

    oRpl.Distributor = "HANBIN";
    oRpl.DistributorLogin = "sa";
    oRpl.DistributorPassword = "<password>";

    Any help from any genious will greatly be appreciated.


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    ---Problem resolved---
    Thanks for reading.

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    Hello Hanbin...

    I am facing exactly the same problem as yours...In ur earlier post u said u cud resolve the problem....can u please provide me the solution.


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