i'm trying to create a data access page for service orders of computers at the college i work at. i am using access 2000. i can view records with no problem, but i cannot add any. The page is ungrouped(I read that that makes a difference)

i can, however edit the first record in the table(the record that comes up when the page loads), but i can only edit that record. When i click on the command button i created that's supposed to add a record, it says, "column data unavailable".

i think the reason i'm having so much trouble is because i'm getting the data for the page from 3 different tables(lab, workstation, and problems), and then when i add a record, that data is supposed to go into the "Problems" table.

In the group level properties for my page, i have allow edits and allow additions set to true. i would rather not use the record selector for this page because i don't want users scrolling through all of the records, but i need to find a way to make the page go to a new record when it loads and when you click the add record button, otherwise it will just edit the record that shows up.

the only way i've gotten this thing to even remotely work(editing the one record)i believe is by putting all of my components in the heading of the page. it might not be the heading, but it's right under the title.

anyway, this thing is driving me nuts. someone out there has to know something about this stuff. i really appreciate your help.