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    Arrow Unanswered: Setfocus error! Came out of nowhere!!!!

    I have a central backend .mdb file on a network drive. Several users have front end files on their PCs (some .mdb, some .mde) that house a single form and are used to add/update records in backend file's tables. Everything is in Access 2000.

    The whole arrangement has been working fine for months. All of a sudden this morning, two of the users (both using Access runtime) have been getting strange activity.

    1) Keeps getting the error "Can not set the focus to TextCompletedDate." Basically I want a button to disappear (visible=false) when it is clicked so first I need to set the focus to something other than the button. This never produced this error until this morning and I have NO FREAKING IDEA WHY IT IS CREATING THIS ERROR NOW!!!! I have tried setting the focus to different controls (other than TextCompletedDate) and all produce the same error... "Can not set the focus to [any control]".

    2) Another runtime user with an even stranger problem. At one point in my After Update event procedure for a ListBox I have code that looks like:

    select case myform
    Case "Form 1"
    'execute code for form1
    Case "Form 2"
    'execute code for form 1
    Case "Form 3"
    'execute code for form 3
    Case Else
    MsgBox "That form not recognized"
    end select

    When the ListBox is updated and myform="Form 1", the program executes the code for form 1 then displays the messagebox that is only supposed to show up for Case Else.
    When the ListBox is updated and myform="Form 2", the program executes the code for form 2 then displays the messagebox that is only supposed to show up for Case Else.

    I know that a Select Case statement is only supposed to execute one case when per call. I am not an idiot and as I said this has been working as it should for MONTHS until this morning. None of the backend or frontend files were changed at all. I am at my wit's end trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

    Even Stranger....
    If I copy the files from the offending PCs to another PC (also running runtime) everything works fine, just as it has. Move the file back to the offending PC and the the problems reappear. I have reinstalled runtime, compact and repaired the file (from my full version on Access) and still the errors arise. Shouldn't identical files work the same an any PC that has the same version of runtime??????????

    Please help/teach me something I am missing if you can.

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    Its a long shot but check the references behind the scene in the VBA modules (tools/references). Maybe they deselected a common by mistake. That would be a PC specific problem.

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