I'm running a variance report which shows budgeted, actual, and variance amounts by position code. Some position codes have had multiple employees assignments throughout the year, and now the boss is wanting to see each employee's share of the position code's overall variance. Since the budget is cast by position code, I need a way to show this detail that will not result in the budget being overstated.

For instance, say position 1 has a budgeted amount of $500, but 2 employees were assigned to position 1 in a single period (the old employee was training the new employee). A simple detail would show the $500 budgeted amount twice, once for each employee: for an incorrect total budget of $1000.

The only workaround I can think of is to run a subreport by employee # for each position code. This subreport is independent of the position code totals and thus will not skew them.

However, 95% of positions only have one employee and don't need the subreport.

Is there a way to only show the subreport when a position code contains multiple employee numbers?

I'm proficient in vba (though I haven't moved over to ADO yet) and would appreciate any insight.