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    Question Unanswered: Career In Peoplesoft

    Hi, Everyone!
    I'm new to this forum and i'm not sure if this is the right place for my query. I want to make a career start in peoplesoft. Can anyone tell me how i can do that and can u please recommend some good books so that i can learn peoplesoft on my own. Your help will b greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I think this is probably not the best place for your question. Maybe Peoplesoft's website or some peoplesoft user groups' web sites would be better.
    If you are going to make a careeer out of peoplesoft (or any other vendor's products) you should consider certification by the vendor (see peoplespoft's site). You should also look for job openings which require peoplesoft skills and see if you are likely to qualify - there may not be many openings at an entry level.
    Another idea is to develop skills that would be usefull even if peoplesoft is not part of your future. Programming, networking, systems administration, datbase administration, project management, and related skills will port readily into almost any environment.
    Best of luck to you
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    1) I'm unclear why this is an appropriate question in an Oracle forum.
    2) If a student does not know how to use GOOGLE and/or find book on
    AMAZON.COM covering Peoplesoft, I wonder how capable of mastering
    Peoplesoft the student would be.
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