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    Exclamation Unanswered: calculate total tuition by accumulating column values ( loop?)

    I am trying to create a procedure which will calculate the total tuition
    This process involves 3 tables.
    Contract table has tuition information which is all $100 (set price).
    Discount table has discount type and discount percentage (ex. 0.3) on each discount type.
    ContractDiscount table have contract number and discount number to connect both tables

    I think I need to create a loop since some contract gets more than one discount.
    I have to calculate and get result nee to be like this

    total_tuition = (tuition - discountPer * tuition) - this has to be a loop condition

    Do you have any suggestion ?


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    Are the discount percents cumulative?

    SELECT (tuition-((SUM(discountPer))*tuition))

    Or do you apply one discount, move to the next one and apply it, etc. This will make a huge difference in the final price and the way you create your procedure.
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    calculate total tuition by accumulating column values ( loop?)

    Yes, it is cumulative. That is why I was wondering how I do the loop.


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    Smile It worked

    I create a procedure like down below

    select c.contractNum, (c.tuition-((sum(d.discountPer))* c.tuition)) as totaltuition
    from contract c, contractDiscount cd, discount d
    where c.contractNum = cd.contractNum
    and cd.discountNum =d.discountNum
    group by c.contractNum, c.tuition

    It warked thanks for your suggestion.
    result was what i was expected

    contractNum | totaltuition
    3 | 70.00
    4 | 60.00
    5 | 20.00

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