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    Thumbs up Unanswered: Please Help with this formula.

    These formulas are used on a report to make an invoice.
    ****Please note that the taxable rate and the price rate are different.
    ****Expr1 and 2 are currency data types.
    AmtPaid=Amount paid
    Expr1=price rate
    Expr2=taxable rate

    TAX= Sum([Expr2])*.0775
    GrandTotal= Sum([Expr2])*.0775+Sum([Expr1])


    Here is my newbie question. Lets just say that Expr1 and Expr2 equals 30.00 dollars. Access returns a value of 2.33 cents for the tax which is correct, but it gives the value of Change=.1 dollars even though I input the AmtPaid as 32.33 dollars.

    For some reason its off by 1 penny. I know it has to do with truncating the tax rate, but i don't know how to accomplish this in MS ACCESS. Is there a quick fix?

    Thanks for looking at this guys!

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    Has everyone looked at this? Please help! Our POS system is off by a penny!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tau
    Has everyone looked at this? Please help! Our POS system is off by a penny!
    In your ChangeField did you check your decimal places when you formatted the field for currency? This is in the DesignView on the Form/Report and for that field look in the Properties and on the FormatTab? Sounds to me that is where it might be giving you a problem. Check and see.


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