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    Question Unanswered: Controlling combo box display and option button

    Somebody please help me regarding on how to control the display of combo box from the series of option button. The condition is when the user click the option button the display in combo box varies depending on the user's choice and save it to the table.

    I'm just a new girl in town!!! Please assist me on my problem

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    You will need to be a little more specific.

    I'm assuming that your ComboBox is bound to a table field and your option buttons are contained within a Option Group....

    Dim VariItem As Variant
    Select Case Me.myOptionButtonGroup.Value
       Case 0   'Option button 1
    	   VariItem = whatever...
       Case 1   'Option button 2
    	   VariItem = whatever...
    End Select
    If Not IsNull(VariItem) Then
       Me.MyComboBox = VariItem
    End If

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