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    Unanswered: Mysql ASP or PHP

    I am new to the web database, and one of my friend told me to start with Mysql, that are available cheaply from shared hosting companies.

    I have a website hosted just for 24 per year from Normally their prices are high, but this is a special offer they normally don't announce to the normal public.

    I want to start it with ASP but this hosting company does not have it, they recommended me to start with PHP. I don't know much about PHP.

    I need more information how to start from mysql and PHP.

    Thank you,

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    >I need more information how to start from mysql and PHP
    I suggest you visit
    and do a keyword search on MYSQL & PHP
    Numerous books exist which provide a crash course in using PHP with MYSQL
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    For an even cheaper solution, visit and check out the PHP/MySQL links on the left side.

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    If you are already familiar with scripting, go right to the PHP site at:

    and also

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