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    Unanswered: Automating Single Sign-on


    I am trying to create a single sign-on application (on server #3, let's call this S3) with automated sign-ons to the following servers (S1 and S2) from S3:

    1. IIS server with login.asp page, upon automated sign-on, to redirect to main.asp page. This is S1.

    2. Tomcat server with login.class applet that accepts a signature filepath, userid, password, and upon automated sign-on, to redirect to another html page. The applet first accepts the signature filepath, then shows another screen to accept userid and password. This is S2.

    Anyone has any idea how I can go about doing this? Is this possible in the first place? S1 and S2 are on https, does this matter?

    Some constraints I have:
    - S1 and S2 is as-is, and cannot be modified
    - there are no APIs exposed on S1 and S2

    Any advice is much appreciated, thanx!

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    What you would probably have to do is replicate the S! sign in process on S3 but integrating into the backend for S1.

    How are you managing your signing in? If you are using the ASP session it could be an issue but there is probably a way around it....

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