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    Unanswered: MySQL Japanese support??

    i created table by
    create table users(name varchar(10), pass varchar(10)) character set utf8;

    then inserted japanese data by
    insert into users (name,pass) values ('japanese data','pa');

    the problem is mysql gui does not allow japanese font .. so the data appears
    ?? in the editor.

    on select query the data is also seen as ??.
    So there is no easy way to verify if the data entered was not corrupted.
    One way out is to write a java program .. but if someone knows of mysl gui which supports japanese font please let me know. postgresql gui has support for japanese.


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    I'm not familiar with the gui you'r etalking about, but I have ran into the same problem. it seems that mysql can intake and spit out unicode (#<somenumber>just fine... however.... with it comes to things like passwords, it can't ready it correctly. I don't know if this answers your question, but I've had no luck in getting mysql to work with user name and password with anything but english characters.
    Short answer: it may not bt eht GUI at all, it might be mysql itself.

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    Other than the ability to support 16 bit characters, and some documentation, I don't know of any MySQL support in languages other than English.


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