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    Question Unanswered: DB2 v 7.2 installation on RHEL


    Has anyone been able to make successfull installation of DB2 v.7.2 fp-5 or greater on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 (rhel) ??
    If so what installation procedure did you use to carry out the installation ??

    According to the IBM FAQ:
    "Support for RHEL 3 applies to all editions (Enterprise, Workgroup, etc.) of IBM DB2 Universal Database Version 8.1 and IBM DB2 Connect Version 8.1. You should upgrade your DB2 V8.1 product to a minimum of Version 8.1.5 for running on RHEL 3.

    DB2 V7.x products are NOT and will NOT be supported for RHEL 3"

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