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    Question Unanswered: Backup server

    Hi I'm creating a backup server, the question that i have is

    Can the dbspaces be different sizes from one server to the other and consist of different number of chunks.
    The reason for this question in that I want to do a ontape -r on the second server to initially make the mirror image.

    for example:
    I have a dbspace on the production server that is made up if 4 different 1GB chunks.

    Can I create the dbspace with the same name (obviously) but only use 2-4 2GB chunks to make it initially bigger?
    Will I have problems with ontape since the dbspaces are not the same size?

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    For onbar -r or ontape -r the size and name of chunks must be equals or of greater size.
    Depending on Ibm-Informix version, can you change the name of the chunks in restore back-up.


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