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    Unanswered: Configuration Assistant

    I've come across some interesting behavior in the Client Configuration Assistant and wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

    I installed DB2 V8 Enterprice Edition on Windows. I then applied FixPak 5. When I go to register a system, on the SYSTEM INFO page, I'm unable to enter a system name that begins with a number.

    The strange thing is that on another box running FixPak 4, I can do it no problem. I've tried appending an X to the front but that fails to work either.
    I've noticed this exact same behavior in trhe Stinger Beta.

    Anyone else see this? Any ways to fix / get around this?

    Anthony Robinson

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    Sounds like something you may want to address with IBM. I also have V8 fp5 on a Windows server (and awaiting Stinger), but do not have any DB2 systems which begin with a number so I never encountered your problem. Perhaps an "enhancement" from IBM?

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