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    Unanswered: MS SQL-Server / stored procs / combos

    i'm a newbie to MS-SQL and i'm slightly stuck trying to feed a combo from MS-SQL Server.

    a simple linked table/stored A query takes too long (several seconds)

    i've experimented with temporary pass-thru QueryDef looking at a stored procedure with parameter on the server fine: quarter-second responses, but i can't find how to set this as .rowsource

    i've experimented with coding up a new saved A QueryDef fine and i can set it as .rowsource

    but now i want to mess around with a single saved A QueryDef for this combo:

    .QueryDefs("localAquery").Connect = blah 'works ok
    .QueryDefs("localAquery").SQL = "nameOfStoredProc " & longParam 'doesn't!

    A rejects my "SQL", insisting i must start with SELECT etc....

    does anyone have a neat method of pointing a combo at:

    a/ an ALL stored procedure
    b/ a MINE stored procedure with parameter (a long).

    or am i barking up completely the wrong tree?

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    currently using SS 2008R2

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