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    Unanswered: IBM's UniVerse database

    Does anybody have an experience with this database? I'm finding conflicting information about whether it uses SQL or it's own proprietary access language.

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    IBM's UniVerse database

    Universe does indeed use its own access language for reporting purposes. Updates and complex reports are done using the native Basic programming language. One of the good things about Universe and it other PICK-based cousins is that the total cost of ownership is very low. In all my time with Universe, administration took only 10-15% of my time. The rest of the time I spent in developing applications, helping users, getting work done. I have since been promoted?? to Oracle database administrator, and it is a full time job just to keep Oracle running. The tasks of programming, must be done by additional staff.

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    Universe Supports Both

    universe supports both - it has its own query langueage and you can use SQL provided you end each line in a semicolon ( ; )
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