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    Question Unanswered: Imported from SQL Server to MSDE 8

    Hi. I am working on a dynamic website and backed up the data from our database (SQL Server) into a .bak file from our server. I want to develop the site locally on another machine (doesn't have SQL Server, but MSDE) using the database so I restored the database backup using RESTORE DATABASE FROM... (in the DOS prompt). I found a tutorial how to do this at

    It did the restore successfully (or so it said) but all that it restored was the database structure (table structure, user information, etc.) but not the actual data in the database. I am using Specify ( as a database manager.

    Could anyone help me out? Can I not go from SQL Server to MSDE? This doesn't seem to be the case because the structure restored okay.
    What should I do to correct this problem?

    Thanks for your help in advance!


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    While I know nothing at all about Specify, I often move database dumps from SQL Server (many different editions) to MSDE and back again. There isn't any fundamental problem there. Usually if I get bit by anything it will be the 2Gb limit for MSDE database size.


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