I have an access database that I imported the tables from put in sql. then I made access the gui for my users. My problem is I need to make a report that calculates the renewal dates and I have been having problems with this its not coming out right. in the report I add text boxes and in the text boxes I got a formula that I need to calculate renewals which are based off the Final suit. first I used dateserial but if the final suit has no date I get error messages (which I dont want) then I used dateadd("y", 2, [FINALSUITDONE]) But that doesnt work either. I need it to calculate the day as 30 or 31 or 28 (basically the end of the month) and the year needs to be added by 2 cause the renewals are by the end of the month every two years. Can someone help me I've been doing alot of reading and I'm not finding what I need. This is so frustrating

Help????? I beg of you