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    Unanswered: Update SQL statement / Timeout Expired Problem

    Hi all,

    I'm currently experiencing a similar problem as posted at . I've tried the suggestions posted there without any luck. I am working with SQL Server Version 8.

    Here's my problem/symptoms: I am trying to run an UPDATE sql statement "UPDATE prodGuidelines_tbl SET ID=15 WHERE ID=" & selectGen from within my ASP code, where selectGen is the variable storing the record ID. The strange symptom is that this works perfectly fine for most of the records (6 in total in the table), but it produces a "Timeout Expired" error for the second row. (eg. when selectGen = 2).

    Here are the columns in the table prodGuidelines_tbl and their data types, just in case:

    genGuidelines_Name --> varchar, length 100
    genGuidelines_Filename --> varchar, length 100
    effDate --> varchar, length 20
    Applies_To --> varchar, length 10
    ID (this is the primary key) --> int, length 4
    Data --> image, length 16
    Mime --> nvarchar, length 25
    FG_Type --> int, length 4

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just ask if you need more info. Thanks in advance.

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    You cannot have duplicates in a Primary Key. So you cannot have two rows with the same value for ID.
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    Why do you want to update the ID which is a primary key?

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