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    Unhappy Unanswered: Connection problem w/ Access & PostgreSQL server...

    Okay, I've been looking around for quite a while, here and in other forums/websites, and I don't think anyone else has come across this. Which either means it's very easy to solute, or very uncommon...

    So, I have a nice PostgreSQL database consisting of 19 tables and a whole bunch of foreign keys, primary keys etcetera. Now, most of the tables work fine when I 'link-tables' in Access 2003 (which is what my clients want to use) through the ODBC driver, but some of them (5 total) don't work. They report the error "ODBC: Call Failed" when opening and all fields are filled with the text "#Name?".

    The strange thing is is that he does know how many rows the table consists of as it fills himself that way. If I look at my postgreSQL DB through pgAdmin I also see that all data has been entered correctly. When the table is empty he also doesn't report an error.

    There is nothing (as far as I see it) special with the tables that don't work in relation to the ones that do work (apart from that they all have a reference to the table 'customer' but so do other tables that DO work).

    Can someone please help me find a solution? I'm almost sure it's something very simple (I haven't worked with the whole PostgreSQL-thing much yet) which I haven't seen...

    Every suggestion is much appreciated...
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