Protecting your webhosting business just got better and easier with the newly released WPK 2.0 by

The Webhosting Protection Kit PK 2.0, our comprehensive Legal Form package for Webhosting Resellers, helps to limit your liability. WPK 2.0 contains the three most important documents any webhosting reseller needs: Terms Of Service (TOS), Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), and Privacy Policy (PP). These documents serve to protect you as well as establish guidelines for your customers.

WPK 2.0 package includes: TOS, AUP, PP, FAQ, and About/Contact Us Templates. It was developed by a technology lawyer, with over 12 years of experience in all aspects business law, including protection of intellectual property, drafting and negotiation of service contracts, drafting of standard terms and conditions for Web based services, and Web site legal compliance.

Still Not Sure? Here’s feedback from our customers:

The general framework is very comprehensive and using it has saved me hundreds of dollars in legal consultation fees while protecting me from further legal expenses. Furthermore, it helps tremendously in giving my hosting business a professional touch.

The original WPK allowed us to get our new site up and running with the confidence that our customers would clearly understand the specific legal requirements for the service we provide. We are thrilled that Hostlegal has taken the initiative to further that understanding with the new WPK 2.

I purchased the WPK 1 package about a month ago. I'd like to say thanks for this product, it's been a god send. All these will safeguard and limit the chances of our company being ripped off, or anything else like that. I was gobsmacked when I seen how many documents given to us, and for such a small price. And on top of that, I'm even more pleasantly surprised that they are now revising them, it shows me that they are constantly keeping up with the law etc. Thanks guys, I'm sure this little cost will save me multiple larger costs later.

Lee McLachlan
L&M Hosting

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