From Access I open various letters in Word and the OnClick event that runs is full of this type of thing:

DoCmd.RunMacro "Macro11Suburb", , ""
docName.EditGoTo "a4"

With a4 being a Bookmark in word. The Macro11Suburb is copying from the field in Access. There is a whole heap of them that run and all works fine.

Among other things the pasting to Bookmarks also makes a letterhead for different people and this is where I hit a problem. One of the letterheads is in a Word table and also in the footer (address, phone number etc)

I have to have the top of the letter in a table because there is writing on both sides of the page and in different fonts.

I can put Bookmarks in the table and they work fine as far as getting the data from Access. However, they will not retain the font. This is also occurs if I just do normal copy and paste on the Word document itself.

My second problem is the footer. I can't get a Bookmark to work there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.