3rd June 2004, Daffodil Software Limited unleashes the v3.2 of Daffodil DB with several improved features. Daffodil DB v3.2 is an enhancement over v3.1.

The improved and enhanced features in Daffodil DB v3.2 includes ‘Faster trigger execution’ as compared to the older versions and decreased turnaround time for insert, update, and delete (DML) operations. Performance Optimization due to the changes incorporated in the locking and index handling mechanism as well as by reducing the startup and connection time, which is inherited from v3.1. It also inherits various exclusive features like Full-Text Search and support for invoking External Java Methods from Daffodil DB v3.1.

Daffodil DB v3.2 empowers its users with seamless features like Import and Export of databases, Backup and Restoration of data, transparency, smaller downloadable size, flexibility, and XA-Compliance.

Daffodil DB is a Feature-rich, standard compliant, and cross platform Java RDBMS with JDBC and ODBC support.

For a feature rich database experience, download an evaluation copy of Daffodil DB v3.2 from http://www.daffodildb.com:8080/eval/filldetails.jsp .

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