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    Unanswered: How to import like this?

    Hi all,
    Here is a .dmp file include user1's and user2's all objects and data which someone gives to me.My DB does not has users like 'user1' or 'user2',I create a new user named 'user3' in my DB,how can I import user2's objects and data from the .dmp file into my DB and make their owner as user3 directly?

    Indirectly,I can do it successfully by these steps:
    1.create two users named user1 and user2 in my DB,
    2.import the .dmp file into my DB,
    3.export the user2's objects and data into a new .dmp file from my DB,
    4.drop user1 and user2 in my DB,
    5.login my DB with user3,import the user2's objects and data from the new .dmp file.

    Thanks in advance
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    One approach could be:

    1. Create user3 in your database.

    2. Issue this statement:

    IMP sys/sys_password FILE= expfile.dmp FROMUSER=user2 TOUSER=user3

    That sould do the job.

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