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    Unanswered: query performance problem

    I am trying to run the undermentioned query. The matched deals table contains 8000 records and the internal delas table contains 15000 records
    What i want is to make a selection of the records that do exist in the matched deals table but do not exist in the internal deals table (a join can be made on ID 1 and trnnmb). The query i wrote is not incorrect but the performance is so poor that it takes acces over 15 minutes to produce the output. Is there a different way to do this??

    SELECT [matched deals].[ID 1]
    FROM [matched deals]
    WHERE ((([matched deals].[ID 1]) Not In (select [trnnmb] from [internal deals])));
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    This should work for you:

    SELECT [matched deals].[ID 1]
    FROM [matched deals] LEFT JOIN [internal deals] ON [matched deals].[ID 1] = [internal deals].[trnnmb]
    WHERE ((([internal deals].[trnnmb]) Is Null));

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