I've called tech support and checked permissions on the product table, but niether of us can seem to get this query to work when importing data from an excel workbook, Peach$. Is there something wrong with my query?

Here's what the support said when he tried:
It doesn’t appear to be working running as SA either. I get a “Error Line 3 near )” and then the db is read-only.

I cleared active connections to the DB and even stopped access, but it still appears to be locked by something, or perhaps the table is protected somehow?


Here is the actual query:

update ASI.dbo.Product

set ASI.dbo.Product.In_Stock = (select `Peach$`.`Quantity On Hand`

                                                from `Peach$`

                                                where ASI.dbo.Product.Pf_ID = `Peach$`.`Item ID`)

where exists

             (select `Peach$`.`Quantity On Hand`

                        from `Peach$`

                        where ASI.dbo.Product.Pf_ID = `Peach$`.`Item ID`);