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    Cool Unanswered: irritating combo boxes

    I have a table of clients. It contents for example:

    1 James Brown
    2 Joe Hetfield
    3 James Hetfield

    Every client has an amount of money. I write it in a form (name and surname of a client is a combo box

    and the amount is a text field):
    20$ James Brown
    40$ Joe Hetfield
    60$ ZONK! - when I set the combo 'name' as James the combo 'surname' automatically sets itself as "Brown"; then when I set 'surname' as Hetfield the 'name' sets itself as "James". I would like to set an amount to James Hetfield by using only 'name' and 'surname'.

    Combo boxes are limited to lists.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks for any help,

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    This thread may help you.

    I think you want to concatenate the name and surname in the combo.

    [name] & " " & [surname] as fullname

    Hope that helps.


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