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    Unanswered: Oracle Portal Configuration Problem

    I have a Oracle 8.1.7 database running on a windows 200 server with 600+ mb of ram. I have installed Oracle 9iAS with Oracle portal on it. However when I launch the Oracle Portal Configuration assistant it asks for the sys password and connect string in the following format: Hostname:PortID. Whne I put that in it gives the error message saying either password is not correct or database is not running but all this is untrue as the database is up and running. I have followed every single step in the Oracle Press Book called "Application Server Portal Handbook". Can anyone give me some pointers please. BTW for Hostname:PortID I put localhost:1521:<sid>, is there any way of making sure that thats the correct info? Please help

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    Getting 9iAS R2 Portal operational can be a real challenge.
    I suspect that at this point in time you've "trashed" your Windoze box
    to the point of being unable to ever get Portal operational; unless & until
    you reformat the disk & re-install Windoze.
    Portal requires a previous successful 9iAS "Infrastructure" installation;
    with Single Sign-On being operational.
    Unless you really, really, really know what you are doing during the whole
    installation process, you should simply ALWAYS accept OUI defaults.
    By accepting the installer's "suggestions", you stand a reasonable chance
    of having Portal work after applying the 6 - 12 patchsets which are also
    REQUIRED for successful operation. BTW - the patches need to be installed
    in the "right" order, otherwise you get to REFORMAT & start again, again.
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