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    Unanswered: 2 SELECTS in 1 Query


    i'm trying to do a query that shows a value of one day if that value is different from the same value in another day. All values at the same table. Like this:

    the table is like this

    date | value

    i tried something like this and it gives me a syntax error.

    SELECT * FROM table WHERE date = '2004-06-02' and value = (SELECT value FROM table WHERE date = '2004-06-01')

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    Try putting the "from table" section at the end of the statement (as long as everything is being pulled from one table. Like this:

    SELECT * WHERE date = '2004-06-02' and value = (SELECT value WHERE date = '2004-06-01') FROM table;

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    It still give me syntax errors. i tried to subquery with other tables and it
    doesn't work either.

    I dont understand, the version of the mysql here is 4.1.1 and it is suposed to support this kind of query.

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    This is purely a guess, so you'll have to check it over carefully, but:
    SELECT date, value
       FROM table AS a
       WHERE  '2004-06-02' = date
          AND value <> (SELECT value
             FROM table AS b
             WHERE '2004-06-01' = date);
    This is a pure "shot in the dark", but it is my best guess based on your original posting.


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    I just saw that my mysql version is 4.0 and not 4.1 as i tought. I think the subqueries
    are fine.. my DB that is outdate. And i tried to update to the 4.1 but i got errors.
    thanks for the answers...

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    install the current stable version to a different directory

    copy over all the info in the /mysql/data directory

    check to see if you need to chown mysql:mysql .. the new directory

    delete the old directory

    rename the new directory to the old one

    .. poof you have upgraded ..

    that's how I would do it. I am running 4.3.4 atm.
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