I am writing a C++ ESQL Sybase application. I use dynamic SQL method 4 descriptor to get the columns. When my program got the date, the format is "May 19 2004 12:00:00:000AM", however i got a sample program from my colleague and the format his program got is "Jun 2 1998 1:09:09"
I don't know the setting of his sybase server but mine is
1) Language : english
2) Character Set: cp850
Also, my windows locale setting:
English(United States)

I have changed the locale to English(united Kingdom) but it doesn't make any difference!!!!
It is very difficult for me to convert the date format to YYYY/MM/DD HH:MMS: 24 if someone use another Sybase server with different language which results in different date time format.
Could anyone here please give me some advice on this issue???