I have 2 dimensions Time and Product....

If I stay at the Year level (say 2004), I get the Year To Date Sales for the selected Product(s)... However when I "zoom into" the Time dimension and select, say, Quarter 2, I get the Sales only for Quarter 2 of the selected Product(s). This is fine but at the same time I also want to see the Year To Date Sales of the selected Products. I hope my post is clear? Let me add a little example to clarify this further and will really appreciate your help:

Suppose I have selected ALL products and have selected Quarter 2 of 2004. I want the following results (Note it's really the YTD column that I am after):

Total Sales YTD Sales
----------- ----------
$ 50,000 $ 125,000

Again, I'll appreciate your help in writing the MDX for this.