Here's what I'm after:

I need an updateable query which displays only records where Field1 is a duplicate and any single field from Field2 to Field10 does not match across all of those records. An abbreviated version would look like this:

Record1: a, b, c
Record2: a, b, c
Record3: b, a, c
Record4: b, a, c
Record5: b, d, c
...would return all of and only the last three records.

This was working at one point using three queries: one to identify distinct (maybe unique?) rows I think, one to append those records to a structure w/ PK to remove duplicates, and a third to create an updateable query based on matching Field1's from the new table and the original table.

Recently, it just stopped working. I used compact/repair per MS's suggestion to no avail.

The last two queries seem to be intact. I just can't seem to recreate the first part - identifying the rows. I think I remember creating a column with a Count function. And flagging the Unique Records in either the first or second query. Maybe that helps?