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    Unanswered: DTS Output Excel File - how to format?

    Has anyone had experience formatting an excel file (i.e. run a macro) after it is (created &) outputted from a DTS package?

    Also an easier question:
    What is the best (easiest) way to create a unique filename in Excel with a datetimestamp in the file name (i.e. MyFile-20040608.xls)


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    I will have a similar situation coming up so I am curious to see the answer. We are installing a SQL Server box in our department. It will be our own server where I will be able to create DTS jobs to export data every 15 minutes throughtout the course of the day. I plan on appending data to a table and having it do so for each and every job's output on SQL Server. The issue is I am only inhouse very early in the morning so I want to allow the client to see the reports as they run. They are tech challenged so I want to use either Excel or Access to create reports as they are run.


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    I had vb developers modify a csv file while I wrotw the sql...

    It was a whole store and forward app...scheduling, formatting ect...

    sql just delivered the file to a location....

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    >Also an easier question:
    >What is the best (easiest) way to create a unique filename in Excel with a >datetimestamp in the file name (i.e. MyFile-20040608.xls)

    DTS outputs it to any MyFile.xls and the next ActiveX step renames MyFile.xls file to MyFile-<date>.xls

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