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    Unanswered: Can you use a Group Header In A formula

    Hi can any one help

    I dont even know if this can be done ,
    In my report i have one group which is a "RATE" for a hotel per night
    and am also using a field called "L/P" which means "London and Provincial"
    and of couse the "RATE" field.

    what am trying to do is, if my rate field = Group header (Which is a rate)
    and the "L/P" field = "L" then that record = 1 and if it doesn't it = 0
    from there i was going to do a sum so i can see how many records there is for each rate. this is the formula i came up with, Crystal formula expert says there is no errors with it, but it does not work when its in my report the error message i get is " THE STRING IS NON-NUMERIC"

    These are my formulas-
    To turn my group header name to a number

    ToNumber(GroupName ({HotelSum > 75.Rate}))

    Group header example

    Other Formula

    IF ({HotelSum > 75.Rate}) = {@Group header to number} And {HotelSum > 75.L/P} = "L" Then 1 Else 0

    Hope people know what am going on about here
    and i hope you can help



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    The formula does not check your data! The first character is , this is not a numeric character.
    Mid({FieldName}, 2, Length ({FieldName}) - 1)

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    Thanks mate Didn't think it would be something as simple,

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