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    Unanswered: What does F9 do?

    I have several users (on runtime) that use the same front end file. It contains a single form that links to tables in the backend file on a network drive.

    One user started getting errors this morning (though it worked fine previously). The error message is that there is a type mismatch somewhere in my After Update event procedure for a listbox. This error wasn't coming up before (nothing was changed) and other users with the same form/front end are not getting the error.

    I hit F9 (in runtime on the PC with the error-producing form), the mouse icon changed to an hourglass for a few seconds, now it works fine again. What did I do by hitting F9?

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    F9 is Toggle Breakpoint (set or unset)

    Sometimes breakpoint could some reason be unvisible.
    If you have set breakpoint and you haven't unset breakpoint before you close db (or something like that).

    In code view do "Clear All Breakpoint" and compile and save all modules. That will end you problem.

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    also on the form or datasheet view F9 executes .Refresh method of form.
    if you press Ctrl+F9, it executes .Requery method.

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