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    Question Unanswered: Login Form Question! Urgent

    i have a login form with 2 fields:

    -user (usertxt)

    -password (passtxt)

    when i enter the correct password and username the form becomes invisible and another form opens. that seems to work nice.

    i wish to give diferent users diferent permissions, i have another field in the login form:


    in my table "personal" i give permissions:

    1 - administrator

    2 - Guest

    my big question is:

    if i enter the correct username, i want that the level (1 or 2) that i provided earlier in the table "personal" to appear in a textbox.

    that way i can give edit permissions in the other form, if itīs 1 full permissions if its 2 read only.

    i canīt seem to enter the username and he automaticaly goes to the correct level.

    Please help

    thank you

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    Theres 2 ways to do this

    1 - you could link the form to the personal table so the users permission level appears when they type their name in

    2 - On the afterupdate event of txtUser you could use the code
    txtLevel = DLookup("Permission","Personal","User='" & txtUser & "'")
    Shout if you need clarification.

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    thank you very much.

    i was very near to that code, but i couldnt quite finnish it!!!

    Again, Thank you. now itīs working fine.

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