Pre-summer Sale - Save hundreds of dollar$ now - 15%

Pearl Knowledge Solutions, Inc. is having a Pre-Summer Sale! From now, through July 15, 2004, we are offering a 15% (fifteen percent) discount on SQLCentric server license kits, which will save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on the cost of monitoring your SQL Servers.

For more details and pricing, please visit our web site, and follow the link to Special Offers at the top of our home page!

SQLCentric, is a fully functional Web-based MSSQL-Centric Network Database Monitoring & Alert System which is deployed on your company’s corporate intranet.

Monitor server uptime, ping connectivity, disk space, sql services, sql agent service, db status, job status, cluster status and more.

SQLCentric is extremely easy to install, deploy, manage and use. No complex configuration Minimally invasive to the SQL Servers it monitors, and is a zero-impact solution. Integrates with your e-mail system to provide auto-alerts and follow-up messaging.

An intuitive administration module allows the user to manage servers, groups, & email operators, configure run-time parameters and disk alert thresholds.